2004 Lear 45XR


Serial Number:252
Location:Guadalajara, Mexico
Total Time:4142.6


Honeywell TFE731-20BR-1B 

                                     Left Engine        Right Engine

Serial Number(s)            P-116538C        P-116539C

Total Hours Since New    4,142.6 Hours    4,142.6 Hours                                 

Total Cycles Since New   3,527 Cycles     3,527 Cycles

HSI Due/Overhaul Due   2,500/5,000 Hour Interval

Program Coverage         MSP Gold



Description                          Honeywell RE100 (LJ)

Serial Number                     P-162

APU Total Time Since New    1,445 Hours

Program Coverage               MSP  Gold


 Inspection                                Last Performed         Next Due

Phase A1-A6 (12 Month Tasks)      March 2019            March 2020

Phase B1-B6 (24 Month Tasks)      March 2019            March 2021

Phase C1-C6 (48 Month Tasks)      March 2019            March 2023

Phase D1-D6 (96 Month Tasks)      March 2019            March 2027


One Owner Since New / Part 91 Operated Only

Engines/APU Enrolled on MSP Gold, Airframe on SmartParts & CAMP

ADS-B V2, WAAS-LPV, TCAS 7.1 all complied with


The Bombardier Lear 45XR is equipped with an integrated, Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite.  A general

summary of this aircraft’s avionics suite is as follows:

EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System)                      Dual Honeywell Primus 1000

FMS (Flight Management System)                                   Dual Universal UNS-1Ew (1000.5) with WAAS & LPV

FLT DIR (Flight Director)                                                Dual Honeywell IC-600

NAV (Navigation Radio)                                                 Dual  Honeywell RCZ-851 w/ FM Immunity

DME (Distance Measuring Equipment)                            Dual Honeywell INU

ADF (Automatic Direction Finder)                                   Single Honeywell INU

(AFIS) Airborne Flight Information System                      Single  Honeywell

A/P (Autopilot)                                                             Single Honeywell IC-600

VHF COM (Very High Freq. Communication)                    Dual Honeywell RCZ-833 with Elementary & Enhanced Surveillance

SATCOM (Satellite Communications)                              Single Iridium ICS100

RADAR                                                                        Single Primus 880

RADAR ALT (Radar Altimeter)                                        Single Honeywell 70018740-936

XPNDR (Transponder)                                                  Dual Honeywell INU w ADS-B V2 c/w

EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System)   Single Honeywell MK-V w/ Windshear

TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System)                      Single TCAS 2000 RT-951 Change 7.1

CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder)                                       Single Honeywell SSCVR

ELT (Emergency Locater Transmitter)                            Single Artex C406-2


Type of Unit                                         Description

In Flight Phone                                     Iridium ICS100 Dual Channel System with Two Handsets

110 Volt Cabin Power System with 5      Outlets in Cockpit (1), Cabin (3) and Lav (1)


Type of Unit                   Quantity              Description

Display/TV Monitor(s)     2                         10.4" Forward and Aft Monitors

Airshow System             1                         Airshow 410 

DVD/CD Player(s)          1                         Audio International

Nacigation & Compliance

RVSM                 8.33 COM                  VOR / ILS / RNAV