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2003 Global Express

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Model:Global Express
Serial Number:9082
Total Time:5045
Total Cycles:3233


Honeywell RE-220 (GX)

Serial Number:  P-131

Total Hours:  1,411 

Total Cycles:  2,170


APU is enrolled on the Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP GOLD).  (2017 rate is $120.37 per hour).


Honeywell 2000XP Primus II Integrated Avionics w Six Tube EFIS (DU-870 Display Units)

•AFIS     Honeywell AFIS 400
•Air Data Computer  Triple Honeywell IC-800 IAC’s
•Automatic Directional Finder     Dual Honeywell RNZ-850
•Auto Throttles     Dual Full Flight Regime System
• Cockpit Voice Recorder     Allied Signal SSMCVR
•Communications       Triple Honeywell RCZ-833’s
•Control Display Units     Triple Honeywell CD-810 CDU’s
•Data Acquisition Units     Four AMETEK Honeywell 61349 DAU’s
•Data Loader     Single Honeywell DL-950 w Dual Ports
•Distance Measuring Equipment     Dual Honeywell RNZ-850 DME’s
•Emergency Locator Transmitter    ARTEX 110 ELT W 406mhz
•Flight Data Recorder  Allied Signal SSMFDR
•Flight Management System     Triple Honeywell NZ-2000 w 5.2 Software
•Global Positioning System    Dual Honeywell HG-2021 GNSSU
•High Frequency Radio    Dual Collins HF-9031A
•Long Range Navigation     Triple Honeywell HG2001GD IRU’s
•Navigation     Dual Honeywell RNZ-850 INU’s
•Radio Altimeter     Dual Collins ALT-4000’s
•Radio Management Unit     Dual Honeywell RM-855 RMU’s
•SATCOM     Honeywell MCS 6000 + Magnastar 2000 w ACARS
•SELCAL     Single Coltech CSD-714 SELCAL
•Terrain Awareness & Warning System     Honeywell Mark V EGPWS w Wind Shear Detection
•Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System     ACSS TCAS 2000 w Change 7.0
•Transponder     Dual Honeywell RCZ-833E w Enhanced Mode S
•Weather Radar    Honeywell Primus 880 Digital Color Weather Radar


Avionics are enrolled on the HAPP Program (Honeywell Avionics Protection Program).  (3 Year Contract 3/28/17-3/27/20 @ $47,232 per year plus escalations).


•8.33 kHz Channel Spacing / FM Immunity
•FAR Part 91
•RNP 4 / RNP 10


Pansonic Avionics Ku Band Broadband Internet. 

• FliteStream T-220, Tail Mounted Data, DBS-TV, & Global TV Solution.  Upgradable to T320 System at no charge in 2018.

• GLOBAL LIVE TV With Panasonic eXTV, you can enjoy live TV worldwide even over the ocean unlike DBS-TV. DBS-TV satellite transmissions only operate over land masses.

• High Data Speeds. The T-220 contains the processing power to support data connection speeds in excess of 40 Mbps.

• Data & TV Dual Functionality. The T-220 is the only tail-mounted SATCOM system available that can provide both internet access, live DBS-TV, and Panasonic global TV from a single system..

• Worldwide Television. Unlike other service providers, Panasonic enables passengers to watch live news and sports events as they unfold anywhere within their worldwide coverage, without impacting theWi-Fi connection or data usage allocations.

• Multiple Satellite Network Providers. FliteStream’s open-architecture allows you to choose a Ku-band satellite network partner that best fits your operational needs.

• Scalable Network. Unlike closed networks that utilize only 3 or 4 satellites, FliteStream’s open-architecture takes advantage of over 150 satellites already in orbit around the earth.

• Future-Proofed. FliteStream’s open-architecture allows the system to be upgraded and improved as technology progresses. 


Empty Weight:   50,421 Lbs. (22,866kg)

Gross Weight (Ramp):  96,250 Lbs.

Max Take Off Weight:   96,000 Lbs. (43,545kg)  SB700-11-011 c/w

Max Landing Weight:   78,600 Lbs. (35,652kg)

Fuel Capacity:  43,350 Lbs. 

Maintenance / History

One Owner Since New (Japanese Government)

No know Damage History / Complete Records since birth

Aircraft maintenance tracked on CAMP

8C Inspection c/w by JAMCO December 26, 2011

15, 30, 60, 180 Month Inspections (12C) c/w 10/2017 by Innotech Aviation


All New Paint scheduled for 1/2018 at Weststar Aviation, Grand Junction, CO.  Overall Matterhorn White Base Layer with Custom Two Tone Scheme.  The Main Second Tone will be Phantom Gray Metallic with Secondary Accenting Stripes in Medium Silver Metallic.  Two Year Paint Warranty transferable with Aircraft.  


All New Interior in Progress at Stevens Aviation, SC.  Ideal three section interior floorplan plus dedicated crew rest area.  Fireblocked, twelve passenger cabin plus one jumpseat and one crew rest seat for a total of fourteen (14) Passenger Cabin.  Forward galley including a chiller, nespresso coffee maker, microwave, and oven.  The forward cabin features Four executive club seats with two executive foldout tables.  The mid-cabin, right side features a four place conference grouping with a hi-lo electric conference table, and opposite is a credenza.  A fully enclosing bulhead separates the aft-cabin, which consists of a full coat closet opposite a low credenza and is followed by 2 opposing 16G divans.  The divans are each certified for 2 passengers for take off and landing.  Aft full vacuum lavatory, wardrobe compartment and accessible, pressurized baggage compartment.  Crew lavatory located forward of the crew rest area.  

LED Lighting throughout Cabin

All New Woodwork

All New Soft Goods

All new Countertops

All electric window assemblies fully refurbished

Interior meets FAR 135 Compliance

One Year Interior Warranty Transferable with Aircraft

Entertainment & Power

Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management System installed 2018. Ovation Select is an all-digital total cabin management system that allows passengers to control both in-flight entertainment and environmental conditions including lighting, seats, temperature, and galley with a touch-screen interface at the seat, or from a mobile electronic device.

Three (3) New High Definition Large Screen Monitors one 22” HD monitor in forward bulkhead, one 22” HD pop up monitor installed in center conference section credenza, and one 22” monitor installed in aft section bulkhead.

Worldwide Ku Band High Speed Internet & WIFI

USB Charging Ports installed in all 3 cabin zones and in the cockpit

110 Volt Outlets located in galley, all 3 cabin zones, and in aft lavatory